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Keep, Throw, Repurpose

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Do you ever find yourself cleaning out your closet or your kids closets and always ending up with something that is too big, to small, needs to be mended, or something that just isn't getting worn? Of course you do we all do. I know I do!! I was recently cleaning out my son's closet and found a pretty decent pair of knit pants with a huge rip in the leg. I looked at them and said to myself, what a bummer, these are cool but aren't wearable the way they are.. so before tossing them into the donate pile, I looked them over and thought about how Summer is coming and we are going to need more shorts! Perfect! I will cut off the ripped part and shorten them into shorts! When sorting through a closet I always have a Keep pile, a Throw pile and from now on I will start a new pile and call it, "Repurpose".

Continue on to see the steps I took to creating shorts out of pants!

These pants had a pretty decent size rip on the bottom right leg, but they still fit my son.

I used a zig zag stitch for the hem. It's best to use a zig zag on the knit fabric to allow for stretch. Whola! All done and ready for summer.

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